Understanding unionism: the BCTF

The Coal Mine

This post goes out to anyone trying to understand how a unionist views the BCTF. It is especially targeted at young teachers, who were hired after 2002 when our bargaining rights were stripped. Let me just preface any further remarks by stating that when I was a boy, my father’s job was to negotiate against a very powerful union in a factory town. As a result, I believe I understand anti-union sentiment perhaps as well as anyone. And yet, I stand in solidarity and full commitment to my union.

A little background to union protocol

In a unionized workplace, everyone MUST belong to the union and pay a portion of their wages in dues. This allows the union to act on our behalf. In return for this sacrificing of union dues, we are given the benefit of protection from being fired if we collectively refuse to work (i.e. strike). At…

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