Some Random Thoughts on the State of the World…

I’ve had a hard time keeping up with my blogging as this time of year does not lend itself to my desire to write.  I have, however, stayed tuned in and awake.  I have often been very discouraged with the state of affairs of the world and sometimes it makes you want to throw in the towel.

We have things like the government shutdown and the last minute aversion of the debt ceiling crisis caused by a small minority of an elected government that no longer represents the people.  We have the continuous diminishing reputation of the United States in the eyes of everyone living outside of the U.S.. We have a sickeningly high rate of poverty for such a wealthy nation and the division of income continues to widen between the one percent and the rest of us.  Throw in U.S. foreign policy and America’s Perpetual War Machine and one may start losing hope.  The underfunding of education and the cold, callous attitude toward a decent healthcare system are difficult pills to swallow.  Finally, from an environmental standpoint, we are truly obliterating our planet for the sake of the almighty dollar.  Yes…it is a sad state of affairs.

I find myself reading a lot about different things and how people are dealing with the state of the world.  I recently read the book “The Man Who Quit Money”, by Mark Sundeen.  His book tells the story of Daniel Suelo who has mostly turned his back on the capitalist society in which we live.  He looks at the world through a different and refreshing lens.  For those that haven’t read it, I encourage you to give it a go and while you may not agree with everything he says, he may just make you look at the world a little bit differently.


Currently I am reading “Thank You For Your Service” by David Finkel.  He was imbedded with the men of the 2-I6 infantry battalion and has followed the same group home and writes about the struggles of the soldiers and their families with PTSD and the life-changing events of war.  It is gripping, sad and it makes you very angry when you realize that these men and women are casualties of a war fought by the poor for the benefit of the rich.

Another book I read in the past few months was “Dirty Wars: The World is a Battlefield”, by Jeremy Scahill.  He sheds considerable light onto the events that led the U.S. into Afghanistan and Iraq (and it isn’t all about 9/11).  Dick Cheney (who is rightfully vilified in the book) and Donald Rumsfeld led the U.S. down a dark path into a morally bankrupt, corrupt, and perverted global war on “terror”.  I very highly recommend this book as Scahill tracks the war all across the globe.

dirty wars

Okay so I have likely ranted enough for one sitting, but I have one more thing to add and it made me want to take the blue pill from Morpheus.  I finally got around to watching the documentary “Gasland”…and it made me very sad and angry.  What kind of world are we leaving for future generations?  Fracking may the worst of all of the horrible environmental disasters man is creating in the world.  It is the worst because it affects the one major staple of life: water.  When people are lighting their taps, something is very wrong.  How can we sit by and let this happen?

I still hold out hope that people will change.  Most people are good at heart but simply do not know what is happening in the world around them.  We must diligently make them aware and wake them because at this point in the game the stakes are too high not to.


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3 responses to “Some Random Thoughts on the State of the World…”

  1. Barneysday says :

    I was completely moved by your words, today. I have been angry for 12 years at the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfield debacle. There was an early book whose title totally escapes me by his first press secretary, claiming that they were only 3 weeks into the Bush administration, and were looking for a place to attack, because only “War” presidents were highly regarded.

    The destruction of the tens of thousands of US casualties, not only those killed, but the life long destructions from the remnants of war. Vietnam was 50 years ago, and still there are hundreds of thousand affected, how many will result from Iraq and Afghanistan?

    The destruction of our moral compass is sad. Police forces now are paramilitary units, and every minor incident is cause for a SWAT attack. Our presidents eagerness to throw whistle blowers in jail because they exercised their rights. Wholesale spying on neighbors and friends and reports to the govt…was it so long ago that we attacked communism for this same behavior?

    We are the only industrial country in the world without national health care. Even tiny Rwanda has it. And yet we are still fighting it, still telling lies about it? The 1% control half or more of the country’s assets, what do they need with even more? Tax cuts for the rich, on the backs of the poor.

    The destruction to our planet, to our country is inexcusable. What kind of world are we leaving to our children, when the air will be unfit to breathe, the water unfit to drink?

    All right, that’s enough. Obviously you’ve touched a nerve today, and thats the point of good writing.

    Well done

    • thejumbledmind says :

      Thank you for your very kind words and always wonderful insight. Some days I don’t know what to be more sad about…all of the issues we have discussed here or the apathy that exists toward those issues. Again, thank you so much!

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