The High Cost of NOT using Renewable Energy…

It seems as though it takes a catastrophic event to hit a developed country for the people to see that the problem is widespread and doesn’t just impact “somebody else”.  You could use this line of thinking with a number of events ranging from school shootings to natural disasters.  Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy have brought forth many new questioners of climate change.  It takes something to hit at home to really start seeing the bigger picture.  The difference with climate change, however, is that there is no hiding from it.  It impacts every living thing on the planet.

It should seem obvious that our planet needs to switch to using renewable sources of energy to not only keep our planet clean and functional, but also to save money.  High costs are the obstacles thrown forward to the public by those opposing renewable energy.  This line of thinking is fatally flawed and is truly an outright lie.  Society can’t afford NOT to change to renewables for a multitude of reasons.  From the sustainability of life to the economic savings that renewable energy sources provide, the decision to make the change away from fossil fuels needs to happen very soon.  Paul Brown, writing at the Climate News Network, writes,

Burning fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas adds significantly to global warming and will in time exhaust finite reserves. It also wastes resources which the world urgently needs to conserve for other purposes, according to a study released exclusively to the Climate News Network.

Dr. Matthias Kroll conducted a study titled, “The Monetary Cost of the Non-Use of Renewable Energies”, where he discusses the monetary costs associated with our non-use of renewable energy sources.  From his study Kroll writes,

It is often claimed that renewables are still too costly and not yet competitive with conventional energy sources. But what costs are incurred when renewable energies are not used? Every day during which potential renewable energy sources are not utilised but exhaustible fossil fuels burnt instead speeds up the depletion of these non-renewable fuels. Using burnt fossil fuels for non-energy related purposes (e.g. in the petro-chemical industry) in the future is obviously impossible. Thus, their burning – whenever they could have been replaced by renewables – is costly capital destruction. This study concludes that, estimated conservatively, the future usage loss resulting from our current oil, gas and coal consumption is between 3.2 and 3.4 trillion US Dollars per year.1

The burning of finite fossil fuels is the use of energy that is non-renewable and gone forever.  The depletion of these energy sources is a sure thing.  It will happen and when that time comes, all of those things that we have and use every day will no longer be made.  All of your electronics, toys, many medicines, and numerous other non-energy applications will be gone.  We have energy sources that are free and that can not only sustain us, but make our planet a much cleaner and much more beautiful one to live on.   The time is now for our leaders to take this topic seriously as our children and subsequent generations’ futures are at stake.


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