Healthcare and Republican Priorities…

This cartoon sums it up all too well……


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2 responses to “Healthcare and Republican Priorities…”

  1. Tim Strickland says :

    Although cute, and kinda’ funny, this cartoon misses the last part of the Republican battle cry to “repeal and REPLACE”. In my opinion, there are many parts of the Obamacare law that would survive in the process, just because some of them make real good sense. But, I also believe that making so many changes to a single industry through legislation was a bad idea. Even Nancy Pelosi said that no one knew before passing what was actually in the bill as a whole, and that we should wait until after passage to “find out”. That is no way to legislate. Huge mistakes were made in this legislation. As a result, repeal and replace makes sense. No one on the Republican side has said they simply want to repeal, and leave it there.

    • ricksravings says :

      No one on the Republican side said ANYTHING!!!!…..To pretend the Republicans have anything to say on the whole subject is like saying Republicans are here to help the middle class. Saying repeal and replace is the same thing as saying were waiting to be elected so we can work with congress in a bi-partisan way to reveal our tax plan to get the economy rolling again. Seems pretty sketchy, probably better to go with what you know than the sketchy won’t tell you or don’t have a clue.

      Repeal and replace…..repeal and replace…..repeal and replace…..oh I get it ……what is it…..nobody knows……oh I get it…..wait…..they haven’t told us yet…..Repeal and replace……oh yeah that’s it again…..seems sketchy that that is the whole thing……repeal and replace……must be better than the detailed Obamacare that is laid out in detail……better support repeal and replace……why?……because it just sounds cool….and it is from the other guys….I was once told the Republicans are for FREEDOM…..that’s it the mighty trump card……WHAT ARE THE REPUBLICANS GOING TO REPLACE OBAMACARE WITH??? IF YOU WANT TO SUPPORT THE REPUBLICANS AT LEAST ASK THEM FOR SOME ANSWERS…..STICKING YOUR HEAD IN THE SAND AND SUPPORTING THEM JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE THE OTHER GUYS IS STUPID!!!

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