Crazies, Nuts, and Role Models…



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4 responses to “Crazies, Nuts, and Role Models…”

  1. givesgoodemail says :

    I’m not trying to excuse the excessive form of this behavior, but gathering money is a modern manifestation of a survival instinct — gather as many resources as you can to keep your loved ones safe and protected.

    • thejumbledmind says :

      Yes, and I agree with the idea of saving money. I think the point of the illustration was the over-the-top excess in each instance and the way society views those situations. Thanks for commenting. 🙂

  2. Tea Party Slayer says :

    Great graphic. Redistribution, allocation, hoarding. I don’t care what term we use. People have to understand that capitalism is a system; which means by definition an individual can’t operate it alone. Our capitalist system includes private enterprise, government, taxes, laws, consumers, workers, owners, products and services all coming together. Over the last 30 years the balance in our laws and tax code have been skewed too far in favor of the non-producing capital gains class assembled in that famous room with Romney. This has really harmed the effective functioning and production capacity of the system as a whole.

  3. andrewteach says :

    Loved it. It is so true. there is a difference between saving and accumulating wealth to secure the safety and financial viabitity of your family. However, to do so to such excess is destructive and more based on ego than security.

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