Movement Conservatism, Tradition, Empty Chairs, and the ABC’s


And finally, this is an interesting article written by John Viall discussing Tea Party vs. Progressive viewpoints.  I think you will enjoy it.  Have a great Sunday!

The ABC’s Of The Tea Party Vs Progressive Debate

September 1, 2012


A TEA PARTY FRIEND TOLD ME THIS WEEK he felt sorry for me because, as he phrased it, my political beliefs were “misguided.”

I admit that line brought me up short.

With a critical election nine weeks away, it seemed like this would be a good time to look at my conscience. After all, liberals know there is always a chance that the other side in any discussion may be at least part right. We’re not like so many conservatives in that respect. We don’t believe the pursuit of truth ended with the publication of the King James Bible or when the Founding Fathers closed up shop and headed for home.

According to Michelle Bachmann you can cure “gayness” with the right therapeutic approach. Might there be a cure for “liberalness,” too?

I decided to make up a list to sort out my innermost feelings:

A is for Ann Romney. When she told her story on TV this week about receiving the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis you couldn’t help feel for the woman. She teared up, just talking about how Mitt stood by her side. A liberal wonders:  how sad would this have been if another American family, just as loving as the Romneys, with both mom and dad working at non-union companies and lacking health insurance, got the same diagnosis? What would that family do lacking millions in various bank accounts?  Okay: this liberal still sees virtue in Obamacare.

B is for “you didn’t build that.” We know the other side took this phrase out of context; and we have our own opinions, besides. We think if conservatives can credit Romney for “building” Staples, we can credit carpenters and roofers who built the stores, truckers who hauled concrete, clerks who stocked shelves, and the blue-collar guys in the paper mills. We say they deserve good wages and benefits. We believe something is wrong when the average CEO in America makes 231 times what the average worker does.

C is for communism? WTF! The right throws this epithet around like a football at a Manning family reunion. Liberals don’t believe in communism, but notice when productivity rises dramatically since 1980, and the wages of the average American worker fail to keep pace. (See B, above.) Liberals see the stock market reports and take note that corporate profits have been huge the last two years. We don’t remember hearing in economics classes that communism and corporate profits went hand-in-hand. (See O, below.)  Continue reading D-Z…



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2 responses to “Movement Conservatism, Tradition, Empty Chairs, and the ABC’s”

  1. andrewteach says :

    that rocks. Thank you for sharing. An unfetered Obama in his last four years is when I hope talk becomes reality. This election makes 08 look like a cake walk. The importance here is defining for the “concept” of America.

    • thejumbledmind says :

      Obama could do a lot toward helping to save the United States in a 2nd term. Without the burden of having to be re-elected, he could (hoping) bring about social, economical, and foreign policy changes that could steer the country away from this radical shift to the right, particularly from the movement conservatives. I am also hoping that there is a movement to eliminate or significantly change the electoral college. Anyways, thanks for commenting!

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