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Now that protests over the shooting of two young Americans in Anaheim have died down, the community is taking stock of the situation. An open meeting of the Anaheim City Council on Thursday (August 2) did not resolve any tensions, but it gave about 75 local residents the opportunity to make statements before the council went into closed session.

The LA Times reported that speakers made “numerous calls for calm discourse to move past the violence and address long-simmering complaints in the racially segregated city.” Corie Cline spoke to the council about how her brother was killed by Anaheim police in 2007, and how she was taunted by the officer who shot him at a recent protest. Speakers also called for the hiring of a Latino police chief who would be more responsive to the long-standing complaints of the community about police harassment.

A public meeting scheduled for next Wednesday…

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  1. Tea Party Slayer says :

    I lived near Anaheim for years. I didn’t hear about the protests or the shootings. Thanks again for continuing to bring new information to my attention.

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