Tea Party Slayer


See Link Above – That’s Mitticulous!


Some additional possibilities from Tea Party Slayer –

1) Voters who believe the economy will improve by giving larger tax breaks to billionaires are engaged in – Mittful thinking.

2) What will actually happen to the country if Romney’s Bush policies on steroids are enacted – A Mittastrophy!

3) Given the current extreme right-wing nature of his party, Romney’s flip flops may be defendable by – Mittigating circumtances.

4) Any statement that comes out of Romney’s mouth is an unequivocally stinky pile of – bullMitt!

5) When your political opponent throws every lie in the book at you, and then whines and fusses when his business and tax records are questioned, that cry baby is throwing one big – Hissy Mitt.


He goes to London. Insults the Brits. Draws a rebuke from the prime…

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