I still can’t believe that people are considering voting for this nutbar! Great post!

The Last Of The Millenniums

Warsaw, Poland (CNN) – ‘The traveling press secretary for Mitt Romney lost his cool and cursed at reporters who attempted to ask questions of the Republican presidential candidate in a public plaza near the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Warsaw Tuesday’.

‘After Romney paid his respects to Poland’s war dead and shook hands with a small gathering of the nation’s military veterans, the GOP contender walked approximately 100 yards away from the memorial as he chatted with Warsaw’s mayor’.

‘As Romney made his way to his vehicle, reporters attempted to shout questions to the candidate. The former Massachusetts governor, who has answered only three questions from his traveling press corps during a week-long overseas trip, ignored the queries’.

‘When members of the press tried to ask Romney about some of the mishaps on his trip, his traveling press secretary Rick Gorka verbally dressed down reporters’.

‘Here’s a transcript of…

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  1. fatherkane says :

    Many humble thanks for the reblog. Just read an article where Romney pulled ads from PA a week ago and Obama just pulled theirs. So it looks like even WITH voter suppression in PA, Team Obama internals see PA as a win. Romney is losing the Electoral College ‘swing’ States. Almost all of them. And the trending shows Romney is starting to lose even the popular vote and that is WITHOUT the foreign blunders.
    Can the debates save Romney? Because aside from the bounce from the Convention, that’s all Romney has left.

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