Crazy America?

There was an interesting article written by John Cassidy in The New Yorker this week titled, “Is America Crazy?”  While much of the article deals with guns and gun laws in the United States, Cassidy also points out ten convictions or beliefs held by Americans.  From the article…

What are these shared convictions? I could go on all day, but here, for argument’s sake, are ten. Not all Americans subscribe to them, of course. In some instances, the true believers may amount to a small but vocal minority. Still, the popular sentiment underlying these statements is so strong that politicians defy it at their peril.

1. Gun laws and gun deaths are unconnected.

2. Private enterprise is good; public enterprise is bad.

3. God created America and gave it a special purpose.

4. Our health-care system is the best there is.

5. The Founding Fathers were saintly figures who established liberty and democracy for everyone.

6. America is the greatest country in the world.

7. Tax rates are too high.

8. America is a peace-loving nation: the reason it gets involved in so many wars is that foreigners keep attacking us.

9. Cheap energy, gasoline especially, is our birthright.

10. Everybody else wishes they were American.

Some of these statements may be true. But truth or falsehood isn’t the point here: it is whether or not certain beliefs are amenable to reason. I don’t think these are, which is what puts them in the category of irrationality, flakiness, nonsense, nuttiness, absurdity, craziness….

So what are you thoughts about this list?  I think that, generally, Americans do believe much of what is listed and that is why I think America needs to wake up.  Please share your thoughts about this.
Cartoon is from The New Yorker in the above linked article.

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10 responses to “Crazy America?”

  1. Barney says :

    Couldn’t agree more. Americans have become insular as a nation and in their overblown sense of self. This country, including its business and political leaders desperately need a ” wake up” slap in the face. Actual facts countervail each of the delusional statements in this list.

  2. chetmolandes says :

    I also could not agree more and to me it is absolutely insane. Because unless you are so blind you need a white cane and a seeing eye dog to cross the street. You can not miss the fact that just about every single on of those things on that list are no longer true, if they ever were, as some people believe.

  3. andrewteach says :

    Having never lived there i cannot be sure. However, it seems consistant with what is portrayed in the media.

  4. Tea Party Slayer says :

    While I’m generalizing, it’s basically the Coasts versus the south and middle of the country. To advance the interests of a few, the GOP plays the politics of anxiety, separation, and discord, which encourages the south and middle of the country to embrace thoughtless rhetoric, often to the harm of their own interests.

  5. stephenpruis says :

    These “beliefs” in the face of facts are another indictment of our educational system. We indoctrinate more than we educate.

    • thejumbledmind says :

      I’m glad that you said that as I think so as well. Again, we have the corporate state pushing a self-serving agenda. In our textbooks, we don’t learn about the crushing poverty or the illegality of the wars we fight abroad. We learn about the “saintly” founding fathers.

  6. nonviolentconflict says :

    Reblogged this on NonviolentConflict.

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