We Are Prisoners…


If you think about it, we really are prisoners.  Prisoners of the state.  Many, in fact most, don’t even realize it because that is how it has always been for some.  Our imprisonment is a product of our action and inaction.  The following is an excerpt from Chris Hedges’ new book, Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt….

The old conflict between Indians and Euro-Americans, between colonizers and colonized, between masters and serfs, is the template for the last act of the corporate state.  The tyranny we imposed on others is now being imposed upon us.  We, too, no longer know how to sustain ourselves.  We, too, do not grow our own food or make our own clothes.  We are as dependent on the state as the Indians who were herded into the agencies and stripped of their self-sufficiency.  Once trapped on reservations, once the buffalo herds no longer existed, once Indians could no longer move in bands to gather wild potatoes, wild turnips, berries, medicines, and cottonwood bark for their horses in the middle of winter, once they could no longer hunt in different places to prevent exhausting the game supply, they became what most of us have become – prisoners.

That is where we are today…and it will only get worse if we don’t wake up.



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