Bringing Back Conscription…

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Former Afghanistan Commander Calls for Conscription

Kurt Nimmo
July 11, 2012

Stanley McChrystal, the former commander in occupied Afghanistan, wants to bring back forced conscription. He believes sending 18 year olds into warzones designed by the global elite will “instill a sense of shared civic duty among young Americans,” the AFP reports.

McChrystal admitted that a decade of war has all but chewed up and spit out the so-called volunteer army, which is in fact a last ditch effort at job training and government benefits by millions of economically disenfranchised Americans. It has also served to vent the frustration of patriotic but deluded Americans conditioned by incessant war propaganda following the attacks of September 11, 2001, allegedly committed by a database, al-Qaeda.

In 2010, former Pentagon boss Robert Gates said bankster wars of conquest are but an “abstraction” to most Americans and it might be a good idea to reassociate them with the horror, as Marlon Brando’s Captain Kurtz described modern combat in Apocalypse Now.

Admiral Mike Mullen also lamented the insularity of the military and said civilians “do not know us.”

McChrystal advocates a new “national service and I think you need it either at the conclusion of high school or university.”

He believes government forced indentured servitude is a good thing. “I don’t think young people would really fight it if it was fair, if everybody did it. I’m not talking about military, I’m talking about all kinds of things,” he said.

What specifically impressed young people would do is of less importance than the idea that they must surrender a portion of their lives to serve government. “It’s not whether they go build roads and parks or that sort of thing. It’s what you put inside them, because once you have contributed to something, you have a slightly different view of it.”

Roads are one thing and wars of globalist conquest quite another. The Pentagon needs a new influx of fresh meat because our rulers have all but extinguished – through stop loss and other techniques – the viability of the so-called volunteer army. Far too many soldiers are committing suicide or coming back home with a raft of serious mental and health issues.

As the ongoing drama of Iran and Syria reveal, the elite have no shortage of wars planned – and they need fresh meat to serve as bullet stoppers.

Idealistic platitudes about roads and bridges are just that – empty idealistic platitudes. In fact, the money that would have gone to remedy our crumbling infrastructure has gone to the bottomless pit of endless war and has been drained off in the fraudulent criminal scams of the banksters.

This never-ending race for global conquest is coming at a very steep price for our soldiers and their families.  Bringing conscription back into our society will surely be the final straw before total societal collapse.  Bad idea Mr. McChrystal!


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2 responses to “Bringing Back Conscription…”

  1. Barneysday says :

    I would support it just as soon as Romney’s sons enlisted, along with the bush twins and cheneys kids.

  2. List of X says :

    I would support a mandatory national service, but everyone should be given an option on how exactly to serve. I would not support a military draft though – if generals don’t have enough toy soldiers to play with, that’s their problem.

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