It's a New Day...

Day 178 Question 178:

Why do people take power to such extremes?

I have a really hard time seeing power in a positive manner.  It seems that whenever people hold power (not all but a lot) they end up abusing that power.  Last night I was working at the restaurant and a coworker found out some very bad news.  I must give you a little back story.  My coworker (and also very good friend) is from Guatemala.  He has now been in the states for about 5 years.  His intention was to live here for 2-3 years and save as much money as possible and go back to Guatemala and start his own coffee business.  Back in Guatemala he left 3 children, a wife, a mother and many brothers and sisters.  He speaks with them daily but has not been in their physical presence in almost 5 years.  Because family…

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