Wow, Young is a piece of work. “Get a job” is all he can come up with? Once again, great post The Last of the Millenniums!!!

The Last Of The Millenniums

The money you earn from working is, according to this Republican Representtive, a ‘benefit’.

‘House Democrats earlier this month proposed increasing the federal minimum wage to $10 an hour, which would catch the minimum wage up to the buying power it had in 1968. The proposal hasn’t gone anywhere, though, since Republicans who control the House of Representatives oppose any increase’.

‘Asked by a constituent at a Fourth of July parade yesterday, Florida Rep. Bill Young (R) revealed that he is, predictably, opposed to the Democratic proposal’.


CONSTITUENT: ‘Hi, I’m (inaudible) how are you? Happy Fourth of July. Jesse Jackson, Jr. is passing a bill around to increase the minimum wage to 10 bucks and hour. Do you support that’?

YOUNG: ‘Probably not’.

CONSTITUENT: ’10 bucks, that would give us a living wage’.

YOUNG: ‘How about getting a job’?

CONSTITUENT: ‘I do have one’.

YOUNG: ‘Well, then why do…

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  1. Tea Party Slayer says :

    I can’t believe the current GOP jerkoffs are taken seriously. It’s just astonishing to me the damage they are doing to this country and haven’t been punished for it. These guys live off of creating enemies out of fellow Americans combined with a complete lack of governing. This video is just another vivid example.

  2. fatherkane says :

    Again many humble thanks.
    Tea Party Slayer summed it up perfectly but it is having an effect. Slowly people are coming to the realization that all too many Conservatives running for office have closer ties to business then the people they are suppose to represent.
    And except for Mitt Romney, everyone understands that ‘Corporations are NOT people’.

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