Protest, Revolution, and Police…

I saw the picture/quote below on facebook and found that JFK said this in a White House speech in 1962.

I see more and more incidents of police violence with regard to protesters.   This is a short video…notice all of the people photographing what is happening and chanting “let her go!”.

While I can understand the difficulties of the job, I wonder how emotionally strained the police forces across the country are becoming.  My guess is that they are drained.   What are your thoughts on this issue?

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5 responses to “Protest, Revolution, and Police…”

  1. storiesbywilliams says :

    And yet, not a damn thing happens when Tea Partiers show up at protests threatening revolt, violence and even bring guns. Where the hell is the so-called liberal conspiracy when you need it?

  2. Tea Party Slayer says :

    Just another incident of middle-class people fighting eachother while billionaires sit back and laugh at the distractions they’ve created to keep us submissive and not ununified – minorities against whites, Christians against Muslims, liberals against conservatives, police against protesters.

  3. thejumbledmind says :

    Yeah, they do have this thing figured out.

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