Excellent post by itmaybequitesimple in opposition to the Northern Gateway Pipeline in British Columbia.


So I just finished reading an article that The Tyee posted about the lovely Northern Gateway pipeline that Enbridge is proposing. Here is a link to the article:


I’m not going to start defending my position on the pipeline because that article pretty much says it all. Big environmental risk, with no gain. The part of this controversial project that unsettles me the most is how an oil spill, is viewed as a justified risk for “economic gain.” Personally,I find that so disturbing. It always baffles me as to how quickly people are to put the environment at risk. If you have any desire to protect our beautiful earth you are viewed as a complete radical. I think that our complete and utter disregard for Mother Nature will catch up with us sooner than we think.

Last weekend I was at a camp with my family. We were staying…

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