It was the most astonishing thing I’ve heard on TV in a while. The reporter teased, ‘a GOP Wisconsin Senate candidate says he’s tired of hearing sob stories about the poor.’ I had to rewind it, as I never thought anyone would actually say that out loud.

Immediately, I had to search on-line for this because I thought Paul Ryan and Scott Walker had a pretty good lock on complete lack of empathy for their fellow humans in Wisconsin. But this guy? This guy is my new favorite villain. He just said it. I’m sick of the press covering sob stories about the poor. If you’d like to watch the video, click here and fast forward to around 12:30 and watch it to the end. Remember Madison, February 2011? Workers leading the charge in protest of injustice. A beautiful site for Democracy and fairness. Now we get a glimpse of…

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  1. Jueseppi B. says :

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    Let’s ALL remember this when we go to the polls on “NO”vember 6th, 2012. Let’s hate back with our vote.

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