U.S. healthcare numbers…

I found these great visuals at Connect the Dots USA






As I have been saying all along…where is the freedom?  Americans, please be aware of what freedom really is!


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One response to “U.S. healthcare numbers…”

  1. ricksravings says :

    Nothing scares Canadians more than to travel to the USA without adequate healthcare coverage. While out of country our coverage only covers us to the amount a procedure would cost in Canada. As you can see by the graphic above Canadians cannot afford to get sick of injured while visiting the USA. However there is additional healthcare insurance available to Canadians to top up our coverage while visiting countries such as the USA for a relatively small fee. Whenever travel is booked through a travel agent out of country, travel agents always offer healthcare coverage along with basic travel costs of flight and hotel. Healthcare coverage is such a part of our culture that whenever the subject of travel comes up in conversation, healthcare coverage is as much of the conversation as destination and holiday.

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