The world is waking up…

Chris Hedges has another great column out today on truthdig where he talks about the occupy movement and the media reporting of its demise.   He talks specifically about how the movement will rebound to be bigger than it already is.  From his article Hedges writes,

Our dying corporate class, corrupt, engorged on obscene profits and indifferent to human suffering, is the guarantee that the mass movement will expand and flourish. No one knows when. No one knows how. The future movement may not resemble Occupy. It may not even bear the name Occupy. But it will come. I have seen this before. And we should use this time to prepare, to educate ourselves about the best ways to fight back, to learn from our mistakes, as many Occupiers are doing in New York, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia and other cities. There are dark and turbulent days ahead. There are powerful and frightening forces of hate, backed by corporate money, that will seek to hijack public rage and frustration to create a culture of fear. It is not certain we will win. But it is certain this is not over.

I think that people are finding their voices.  This world wide movement has raised awareness on many different issues ranging from economic reform to health care to GMO’s.   People are waking up…watch the video…

The students and many others in Montreal get it…



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5 responses to “The world is waking up…”

  1. Barneysday says :

    It’s not if, only when…

  2. List of X says :

    As far I am from the Tea Party, I think the Occupy movement was mostly a failure, unlike the Tea Party. Occupy pointed out the problem of inequality, but never formulated any real solutions. At least Tea Party had proposed a lot of (mostly idiotic) solutions, like cut taxes, kill regulations, deport illegals, throw the bums out. Unless Occupy can offer their own solutions, they will remain a failure.

    • thejumbledmind says :

      I see your point, but I do think that Occupy has raised awareness of issues. I can tell by the small town that I live in…people are protesting things that they never had thought about before.

      Thanks for the comments and for reading! By the way, you have an excellent blog!

      • List of X says :

        Thank you, you have a great blog too. Yes, I agree, Occupy raised awareness, which is doubtless a great thing, but they unfortunately did not make the next logical step.

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