Gotta love Brian Schweitzer!

The Last Of The Millenniums

Found this by Montana Cowgirl over at KOS :

You gotta love this Democratic Governor of Montana :

‘You may remember Bob Wagner, the Montana state legislator, for his appearance on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 in which he defended his special birther bill which would have forbidden President Obama from appearing on the Montana ballot in 2012’.

‘Wagner was indeed riding high two years ago, swept into office on the 2010 Tea Party wave and happily making an ass of himself in the Montana legilsature, going on national talk shows with his nutty ideas, speaking at Tea Party rallies, sponsoring crazy bills (in addition to his birther bill, he tried to reintroduce the Gold Standard), and generally being an ass’.

‘Like a good Tea Partier, Wagner voted against every single appropriation of money put forward by the legislature, including a bill that arrived on Governor Brian Schweitzer’s desk…

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2 responses to “”

  1. fatherkane says :

    Again many humble thanks for the reblog.

  2. Tea Party Slayer says :

    Great post, and I hope a strategy that’s adopted across the country to expose Tea Party hypocrites and their “big government boogeyman” claims.

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