The Last Of The Millenniums

Just a month ago, Mitt Romney was using a visit with firefighters in New York as a talking point. Firefighters had to get two jobs just to get by.

Now he sees cutting firefighters, police, teachers, as ‘helping the American people’.

Just how does this ‘help’ America?

Oh that’s right.

Those are tax supported jobs.

We need the ‘job creators’ to create a profit driven job market.

Who’s going to teach the people to work in those markets?

Who’s going to provide ‘protect and serve’ communities for those people in those markets to live in?

Who’s going to put out fires, rescue or provide medical assistance to the people in those markets?

This is the core of what made America and made us great. A community funded and supported education, protection and safety.

It is ‘paying it forward’.


Mitt Romney : “[Obama] wants to hire more government workers. He…

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  1. Tea Party Slayer says :

    The question is how many white firefighters and cops will vote against their own self interests, even though Republicans have sacrificed their very livelihoods for devious political gain? How many steel workers in Ohio attached to the auto industry whose jobs were saved by Obama will vote along cultural lines? My mother was in a lower middle-class apartment complex in Raleigh, NC on Sunday registering voters. An 8-year old white kid flanked by his family marched up to her and said quote – “I will never vote for that socialist lunatic Obama.” How many young voters and women will line up behind their idiot husbands this election cycle? As income inequality grows wider, people have no one to blame but themselves.

    • thejumbledmind says :

      That is exactly the issue here. People continually shoot themselves in the foot when it comes to voting. They vote against their own interests…why? Likely it is a combination of fear and “that’s how I was raised…once a repub, always a repub”. Movement conservatism attempts to control using fear…that is why they take issues like abortion, gay marriage, and religion (that truly should NOT be political issues) and manipulate voters by inducing fear about these issues. They also continuously use fear in manipulating opinion about “war” and “terror” and “in the interest of NATIONAL SECURITY”.

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