Men In Black……’12

This made me laugh.  I am sure the Republicans would love to have a Neuralyzer at their disposal!



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4 responses to “Men In Black……’12”

  1. ricksravings says :

    I think it is already in progress….California just had a referendum on whether to add $1 per pack of smokes tax, that would 100% go towards cancer research. California is second only to Utah for the least amount of smokers per capita of all 50 states. Back in March of this year polling had Californians 67% in favour of voting this tax in. At that time the tabacco industry started their advertising campaign. In the short 2 month ad campaign the tabacco companies spent I think around $46-$48 million, which was more money than Scott Walkers recall campaign in Wisconsin. Looks like the ad campaign worked, Californians think smokers pay enough and Cancer research is already funded enough. No wonder Rick Mercer’ s “talking to Americans” is so funny to Canadians!

  2. fatherkane says :

    This is great!
    Hope you don’t mind if I reblog it!

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