Would you like some cheese with that whine?


Since 1979, 377 members of the Forbes 400 list of richest Americans have given almost half a billion dollars to candidates of both parties, most of it in the last decade.

Yes, and those Americans are the ones needing some cheese right now.  In fact, we should throw a huge pity party for them.  Sorry if I sound bitter, but I am really tired of these blowhards always wanting their cake and eating it too, or, in this case, whine and cheese.  They want to have the power to sway elections with their money, but they don’t want any type of scrutiny or exposure for doing so.

Bill Moyers and Michael Winship have an excellent article on Alternet.com discussing the plight of the billionaires.  The article picks up on another article from politico.comheadlined:

“Mega-donors: Quit picking on us”

A snippet from the alternet article:

You see, according to Politico.com, the so-called “mega-donors,” unleashed by Citizens United and pouring boundless big bucks into this year’s political campaigns, are upset that their massive contributions are being exposed to public view, ignoring the right of every one of us to know who is giving money to candidates — and the opportunity to try to figure out why.

Continuing in the article:

“This is definitely not what they had in mind. In their view, cutting a million-dollar check to try to sway the presidential race should be just another way to do their part for democracy, not a fast-track to the front page.” ……….. Uh-huh. The sound you hear is the world’s smallest violin, say, a teeny-tiny Stradivarius insured for millions. “Is there a group of people you can think of who have thinner skin than America’s multimillionaires and billionaires?’ Paul Waldman asks. “Wall Street titans have been whining for a couple of years now about the horror of people in politics criticizing ineffective banking regulations and the favorable tax treatment so many wealthy people receive… America’s barons feel assaulted, victimized, wounded in ways that not even a bracing ride to your Hamptons estate in your new Porsche 911 can salve. And now that the presidential campaign is in full swing, their tender feelings are being hurt left and right.”

So what do these billionaire barons want?  They want to have complete control, but little, if no exposure to their dealings and power grabs.  Essentially they want to be  hidden while they are pulling the puppet strings of the politicians.  What do these people expect?  A free ride with no disclosure?  When you see articles like this one from politico announcing that GOP supporters are planning on spending $1 billion on the November election you can’t help but have your jaw drop and wonder what all of their motives are (money & power).  From the politco article:

Republican super PACs and other outside groups shaped by a loose network of prominent conservatives – including Karl Rove, the Koch brothers and Tom Donohue of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce – plan to spend roughly $1 billion on November’s elections for the White House and control of Congress, according to officials familiar with the groups’ internal operations.  That total includes previously undisclosed plans for newly aggressive spending by the Koch brothers, who are steering funding to build sophisticated, county-by-county operations in key states. POLITICO has learned that Koch-related organizations plan to spend about $400 million ahead of the 2012 elections – twice what they had been expected to commit.

Sorry, but if you are throwing that kind of money around on an election, you have a definite motive.  They got what they wanted with the Citizens United decision.  Now it is time for them to show their colors.
Here are the colors of the Koch brothers:

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4 responses to “Would you like some cheese with that whine?”

  1. List of X says :

    The color of Koch brothers is green, just not the environment-green…

  2. Barneysday says :

    Well said. I personally believe the Koch bros. are the most insidious atrocity to hit politics in many years.

  3. Tea Party Slayer says :

    Very nicely written. I haven’t delved into the Koch’s world too deeply. I was aware of their resistance to everything on your list except health reform. From what I know about their businesses, I understand their motives for everything else. However, without knowing a ton about them, I can’t pin down their motives behind resistance to healthcare reform.

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