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Gov. Walker and Mayor Barrett

This Tuesday is essentially a referendum on the very survival of the American Union. The vote to recall anti-labor Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is of tremendous significance. June 5th means A LOT to the workers of America and the world. Electing Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett would help Democrats and labor unions tremendously. So the GOP is putting out all the stops to prevent this from happening. They might just succeed too, sadly.

The opposition to unions is very rich and very powerful. Billionaires around the nation, especially the Koch Brothers have donated over $30 million, about 20 times more than Barrett has raised in this recall effort. They despise unions. Why? Because they hinder their efforts to make obscene profits. Even Willard Romney has appeared with Walker and thrown in his support, as profit is all that matters to these monsters.

20120603-085322.jpgAnti-Union Thug Koch…

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