Health Care and Freedom

Americans love freedom.  That is not deniable, but what is “freedom” exactly?  Those opposing the Affordable Health Care Act are quick to point out that it is their “right” to NOT have health insurance, or not be mandated to buy it.  They want to maintain that “freedom”.   Okay, I am all for freedom, but having been a person who has stayed in a job simply because of health insurance, let me tell you…that isn’t freedom.  You can’t switch jobs because you may lose health insurance or, God forbid, you have a pre-existing condition.  You aren’t free…you are bound to your job.  Check out this article by Kelly Cuvar (cancer patient) detailing her issues with America’s health care system.  A bite from the article:

What cancer hasn’t been able to do, our broken healthcare system has done: force me to deal with anxiety on levels I have never known before.  After working so hard on the passage of the Affordable Care Act, I realize we didn’t get all that we wanted, but we got a few things that we need. For a society that considers health care a commodity, we are getting closer to being able to celebrate the goal of a healthy society. Ending discrimination based on pre-existing conditions, being able to receive necessary preventative care, and ensuring that women are not charged higher premiums than men are steps toward meeting healthcare reform’s goal of a healthier nation.
As a final note, this is one “freedom” that you don’t have to worry about in Canada…you ALWAYS have health insurance.
“America’s health care system is neither healthy, caring, nor a system.” – Walter Cronkite

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3 responses to “Health Care and Freedom”

  1. Tea Party Slayer says :

    I love the way you turn the opposition’s claims of “freedoms” against them in a way that’s so on point. True freedom is making job choices based on ambition and desire, as opposed to healthcare.

  2. ricksravings says :

    Wow, as a Canadian, I have two seasonal careers and leaving one for the other has no effect on my healthcare. I couldn’t imagine having my employer with that kind of control. As a worker having the freedom to tell your employer as the song says ‘take this job and shove it” is pretty liberating.

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