A poem by Julia Woodman

This poem found at Occupy.com.

Do We Fear Change?

How can the young understand

How much we can change?

When they haven’t seen it –

They think that life is just the same

As they have known it –

They haven’t felt blown by it –

The force of emotion blowing away

By the depths of what we can do.

If they looked back

Just to try to understand

What even I have lived through

In just one generation –

Or in their grandparents too –

The extent of transformation

And the many moves

Humanity has been through;

And then if they looked

Further back into the history books

Perhaps they’d respect

The possibilities of human strength –

Determination to insist on change

And the courage it took

To see it through,

The belief in what they had to do.

If they’d seen the spirit survive in truth

Despite desperate odds and terrible tests

Then perhaps they wouldn’t despair

When they hear the news

Of the worst things we have done

And just learn to trust

In a belief that our best

Will win through.

If they only knew

That all we have to do

Is insist on change again,

Call for our systems to be reviewed –

Then perhaps they would see

That things will be new again,

If we only have the courage

To let our voices ring free.



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2 responses to “A poem by Julia Woodman”

  1. Julia Woodman says :

    Thanks for using this, I came across it by chance as I didn’t even know occupy had used it – glad to share my stuff

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