We have this whole democracy thing backwards. We now vote for people who align themselves with a party instead of aligning with their constituents. So, are they representing their party or their people??Add your thoughts here… (optional)


The 2012 election campaign season is still young; the battle will grow only more bruising. And voters will become increasingly turned off. But, in America, we get only two choices, and often are left voting for what we believe to be the lesser of two evils.

Friends in Europe and elsewhere often lament their own forms of government which foster countless parties and voices, and create much noise and chaos. Ironically, in America, which we like to argue is the greatest democracy in the world, we are limited to just two choices: a Republican or a Democrat.

And voters are tiring of it. Some 40 per cent of Americans today identify themselves as political Independents – a record. Just 29 per cent say they’re Democrats, down seven points from 2008, while the proportion saying they’re Republicans has fallen to 27 per cent…

The middle, which rejects both parties, is growing…

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  1. Tea Party Slayer says :

    Love your blog and comments, but I’m not fond of Third Party talk at this time in history. I like the pragmatic guy in office right now.

    • thejumbledmind says :

      I completely understand. I just wonder what it would be like to have politicians that represented the views of their constituents rather than the constituents fit into one party or the other…I know, it’s a catch-22 and won’t ever happen…I just wonder sometimes.

      • Tea Party Slayer says :

        Believe me, I respect and understand your sentiment. It’s an excellent point. I hate to be seen as “drinking Obama Kool-Aid.” But my opinion of him is rooted not in hope and change, but in the economic landscape I saw developing long before I ever heard his name or was focused on politics. I’m absolutely obsessed with this larger economic battle I see playing out, which can get a bit boring.

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