The Bully…


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3 responses to “The Bully…”

  1. Patrick Gage says :

    I have an idea. Let’s focus on one poor choice that Mitt Romney made in 1965 in high school. That way we can convince voters that he’s a bad person! What a joke. Obama needs to find something real to focus on…oh wait, he can’t. The economy is in the tank, real unemployment is 14%, and gas prices are through the roof. Guess he needs to focus on 50 year old decisions that Romney made as a teenager.

    • ricksravings says :

      Of course the background of a candidate for the President of the United States is important! This is the most important office not only of the USA but perhaps the world. Every aspect of a candidate for this position should absolutely be examined. Many jobs or volunteer positions require extensive background checks in order to protect those that need protecting. The people of the USA and perhaps the world need to be protected. If it means digging out old skeletons to find the real character of a cadidate, no information is irrelavant.

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