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by Bob Murl Bearden

‎The election this year is about values. Not the right-wing ‘family values’ espoused by Mitt Romney and company. Those values praise those who are against women,those who are against the rights of minorities and the rights of workers to collective bargain. This is America and our values have always been the values of spirit and good will and sharing.

Where and when did this nation begin to celebrate the values of the Koch Brothers, and Paul Ryan and the ‘Five Supreme’s? Those are not American Values. American Values celebrate the accomplishments of those who help build the middle class and raise our nation’s citizens out of poverty. Those who espouse those ‘family values’ are the people who brought us the ‘weekend’; the forty-hour week; sick leave and overtime pay! Those are the values of America. Working together for the ‘common good’ not preaching hate and avarice…

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