“I am beginning to believe that if Jesus returned today they would run Him out of town on a rail for being a radical, peace loving liberal who cares about people whatever their status in life or their religious or political convictions. They would likely tell him to get a job and quit being a lazy shiftless beggar. Where did we go wrong and what happened to following the teachings of that Galilean Sage who was born in a manger in Bethlehem?” – So true!


Crazy politics. Crazy politicians. We have always had politicians who were a little off center, but not an entire political party. The ‘Party of No’ once known as the Republican Party is against everything and they stick together much like the National Socialist Party did in Germany when they were trying to grab power in the early 30’s.

It worked well for the National Socialists, will it work for the Republicans? Maybe, because they have a cadre of shadowy backers who have enough money to bankroll a lot of politicians, especially ones who will think, act and do just as they are told and they already have a gaggle of bought and paid for legislators on hand.

And then we have crazy voters, like a group of democrats in West Virginia who went to the polls yesterday and voted for a convicted felon who is in prison rather than…

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  1. Tea Party Slayer says :

    Great post. The right has been dividing and conquering the general public for decades based on cultural and religious differences in order to keep resources allocated to the top. When Clinton made a move on healthcare and gays in the military early on in his presidency, the Right pounced on him with the pitbull Ken Star and never let up. Obama doesn’t have any character flaws to attack. But a black man named Hussein Obama is a much easier figure head to assail. You’re always going to have about 40% of the population that won’t vote Obama. The question is how many in the middle will get duped. Which is why I think expressing his personal feelings on gay marriage was courageous, but a bad move politically.

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