Developed, Developing, or Deteriorating???

A video on that I found especially haunting…it makes me wonder if we are developed, developing, or deteriorating….what do you think?

We’re Not Moving

Somehow, the Patriot Act keeps popping into my mind.  Are we that far removed from Egypt?  Syria?  Libya???   I am interested in your thoughts on this video.


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2 responses to “Developed, Developing, or Deteriorating???”

  1. Marilyn Gammon says :

    There certainly are some strong parallels amongst the government protests. Violence against peaceful protest is visible in each of the countries in the video, but at this point the difference is the degree of violence. Clearly, people in the Middle East are being killed, and the protestors in the US are not. I really hope it isn’t deteriorating further. However, it is a slippery slope, especially if the rest of us remain silent. We are then complicit.

  2. Tea Party Slayer says :

    It’s an emotional video. But the big difference is America has legitimate elections. So the deep frustrations that lead to the protests can be avoided by working hard to understand the big picture, and then voting the right people in and giving them a real chance to turn things in the right direction. In 2008 elections Obama warned repeatedly that fighting powerful interests wouldn’t be easy, and to stick with him. Yet, because of GOP rhetoric, his poll numbers were diving mere months after taking office. Regular folks may be frustrated, but many of them keep voting against their own interests and along simplistic emotional and cultural lines.

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