Canadian premiums for health insurance

I just wanted to share this with all of my American friends so that they have an idea how much premiums are here in Canada.

Monthly Premium Rates


Adjusted Net Income

Subsidy Level

One Person

Family of Two

Family of Three or More

$0 – $22,000

100% premium assistance




$22,001 – $24,000

80% premium assistance




$24,001 – $26,000

60% premium assistance




$26,001 – $28,000

40% premium assistance




$28,001 – $30,000

20% premium assistance




Over $30,000

Full Rate





3 responses to “Canadian premiums for health insurance”

  1. Tea Party Slayer (@TeaPartySlayer) says :

    Thanks for the information. Based on your own experiences, do you have any complaints about the Canadian healthcare system?

    • thejumbledmind says :

      Sorry I am so long getting back to you. No, no complaints at all. As an American being used to having very high health insurance premiums as well as high medical bills, it is almost shocking that you never get a medical bill here. The quality of health care is comparable to that in the U.S. at half the price per capita.

  2. ricksravings says :

    As a Canadian I am amazed at the debate in the USA on whether to have socialized medicine or not. If socialized medicine is as bad as many US politicians say, why then is there absolutely no debate in Canada on ridding our country of such a bad system? In fact in Canada the founder of socialized medicine in this country, Tommy Douglas is highly revered by politicos of all political stripes.

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